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Noch Vampires

Set »Vampires« contains six hand-painted Vampires in scale 1:87 (scale H0). Friends of horror and creepy scenes will enjoy these figures very much.

Artikelnummer: vn15801
Conditie:  Nieuw
Op voorraad: 2

Model: Various scenes can be depicted with the miniature figures: Count Dracula is lying in his coffin, one vampire is sucking a woman’s neck from behind, one vampire hunter is hunting the bloodsuckers with a wooden stake and two female vampires and one male vampire are standing in a threatening pose. In popular belief, vampires are bloodsucking creatures of the night. According to the mythology, they rise from the dead and feed on human or animal blood. The Model Figures are ideal for decorating fantasy scenes in model landscapes or on dioramas.

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Product specificaties
Hoofdproduct: v15801
EAN: 4007246158010
Fabrikant: Noch
Schaal: 1:87 (H0)
Soort of categorie: Feestdagen
Producttype: Modelbouw & verzamelartikelen