Heller Mercedes 500 K Special Roadster

122 Parts
Dimensions LxW: 218 x 78 mm

Artikelnummer: vnhp80710
Conditie:  Nieuw
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Prototype: The „500 K“ appeared at the Berlin Fair in 1934. The „K“ no longer referred to the short model, but to the model equipped with a compressor. With this car, Hans Nibel had produced a masterpiece of beauty which was also an extremely up-todate car. The line of the „500 K“ was designed to symbolise the rebirth of the Kriegsmarine.

Features: Steerable front axle. Engine replica. Convertible top can be displayed open / closed.

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Product specificaties
Hoofdproduct: vhp80710
EAN: 3279510807103
Fabrikant: Heller
Schaal: 1:24
Producttype: Modelbouw & verzamelartikelen