Noch Farmers

The Figures Set »Farmers« contains six figures and accessories, which are all in scale 1:87 (scale H0) and hand-painted.

Artikelnummer: vn15617
Conditie:  Nieuw
Op voorraad: 1

The farm scene finds a place on every model railway layout. NOCH offer a wide range and you find animals, buildings and figures that compliment this theme. The model figures »Farmers« fit perfectly! On a farm, work never ends and the entire family helps wherever support is needed. The mother, who harvests the fruits, bringing it into the kitchen in baskets for further work. The father, who feeds the cows with the hay on the pitchfork, and the grandfather who repairs the tractor. The grandmother brings snacks to the workshop and the daughter is on her way to the weekly market.

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Product specificaties
Hoofdproduct: v15617
EAN: 4007246156177
Levertijd: 1-6 weken
Fabrikant: Noch
Schaal: 1:87 (H0)
Soort of categorie: Boeren & Boswachters
Producttype: Modelbouw & verzamelartikelen